Schaeffler Global Technology Network

New Schaeffler Technology Center in India (02.04.2015)

Short-Term Monitoring Solution for a Tube Mill (24.03.2015)

Schaeffler Global Technology Network

Working together to turn challenges into opportunities

Globalization opens up limitless opportunities for companies - while at the same time confronting them with enormous challenges. Rising competition and ever-increasing pressure to cut costs have made it absolutely essential that companies rigorously exhaust all opportunities for optimization. To that end, machinery manufacturers and operators rely on machines and systems that deliver the highest levels of productivity and efficiency.

With the Global Technology Network, Schaeffler brings together its local knowledge within each region with the full know-how and innovative power of Schaeffler experts from all over the world. Schaeffler Technology Centers serve as regional centers of excellence, whose purpose is to ensure that our engineering and service knowledge is always close to our customers. As an added benefit, interfacing with our global Schaeffler expert networks supplements our technical acumen on the local level. Consequently, customers throughout the world are able to benefit from the cumulative body of Schaeffler knowledge by simply reaching out to their local contact person: the Schaeffler sales engineer.

In this way, Schaeffler uses its Global Technology Network to help machine manufacturers and operators face the challenges of the future, while supplying innovative, customized solutions of the highest quality.